API 401 No credentials found for given claim 'iss'

Dear sir or madam,

we are using your provided API for various integrations for the last ~2 years as documented in https://developers.awork.com/, from today our requests don’t work at all any more, due to an unauthorised error response, on our side nothing has been changed and we double-checked our implementation. As example reponse to our request, e.g. GET /api/v1/timeentries?orderby=startDateLocal%20desc,startTimeLocal%20desc&grouping=user&page=1&pageSize=1000 we do receive a response with status code 401 and body No credentials found for given claim 'iss'. We do use the api-key authorization method as described in your documentation. Of course we double-checked we are using the .com awork domain.

We are looking forward to prompt feedback to continue using our tools and integrations.

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Same here:

Screenshot 2024-02-19 111538


Hi @Philipp.P, thanks for the message.
Have you tried to generate a new api token?
Could you as well check if the token that you’re using is older than September 2023?
In that case, I can confirm that you have to generate a new one.

Hope that this will fix your issues.

Yes I have already tried that, the same issue occurred.

Hello! Could someone please share a trace id of a request with us? Thanks!

Thank you @Marcello
Everything is working again for us now! :+1:


@Philipp.P if you are still having issues after generating a new token, please let us know and, if possible, share with us a trace id of the request.

@Chris awesome! We are glad to help.


Thank you @vitor I generated another api-key and its working with that. I also tried finding a trace id of a failing request but couldn’t see it included.

If you are getting the following error when using our API: {"message":"No credentials found for given claim 'iss'"}, please issue a new token so they are compatible with the new awork.com domain.

Best regards,
Vitor Durante.


Just to follow up on this, here are more details about the domain change and breaking changes for API and SSO Integrations, as announced in September 2023: awork switches to .com | awork Helpcenter

If you have not received those updates, I recommend signing up for our API and Developer Newsletter, where we communicate changes like this: https://developers.awork.com/

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