API not working as expected


I am using make.com to automate creating projects. To do this, I use the endpoint /v1/projects and add the company ID to connect the client to the project. Although the company ID appears in the output of the module in make, meaning the client should connect successfully, the client does not appear on the Awork UI. So I have to select the client manually.

Why does the client data appear in the output of make even though the client is not selected in the UI? Are there any solutions for this issue?

Thanks in advance!


could you send me the id of the project, either here or to nils@awork.com?
Then we can have a look what is going on.



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Thanks a lot! I sent you an email with the project ID.

You are welcome. I checked our logs. The POST call is correct and is having a companyId. Then 200 ms later, there is a second call (PUT) to update the project, where the companyId is null/not set, and therefore the Company is removed from the project. The second call also comes from make. Could you check your scenario for the second call and also include the companyId there?

Oh that’s right. Thank you so much!