Awork for Excel (API with Power Query Editor)

Hello everyone

I have been trying for some time (almost desperately) to import Awork data into Excel.
I use the Power-Query Editor with the following script:

Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents("", [Headers = [Authorization = "Bearer MEIN_API_KEY"] ]))

I have tested it with Postman and cUrl and I get a valid response in JSON. But Excel always tells me that the response is HTML. I think this is the error page.
Sometimes I am asked for authentication, which I set to „Anonymous“.

Here is the error message:
[DataSource.Error] Bei den heruntergeladenen Daten handelt es sich um HTML. Dies ist nicht der erwartete Typ. Möglicherweise ist die URL falsch, oder Sie haben nicht die richtigen Anmeldeinformationen für den Server angegeben.

[DataSource.Error] The downloaded data is HTML. This is not the expected type. The URL may be incorrect or you may not have entered the correct login information for the server.

What else can I try?
Thank you very much and have a nice afternoon


Hi @Philippe ,

looks like the url is just wrong:

needs to be:**/api/**v1/users?showArchived=false&page=1&pageSize=100&orderby=CreatedOn

I hope that helps!


Ouch what a stupid error :frowning:
Now it works…

… Thanks a lot!