Changing Task-Status via API (

Hello everyone, I would like to automate the status change of selected tasks via the Awork API and However, I don’t quite understand the structure here and how to configure the request.

  • Example from the awork api documentation


  • existing infos about the task status i get from the api call „v1/me/projecttasks“

  • one of the configurations i tried (api-call: v1/tasks/changestatuses)

  • the error i get

can someone please explain how to can change a taskstatus with the api?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Hi Tim, it looks like you are missing quotes around the Guid values, can you try that?

Hey Nils, you’re right. I just quickly put it together as an example. The request works, it goes through (HTTP 204)… just like yesterday. However, the status doesn’t change and I don’t understand how to change the status if there’s no parameter for it. I mean, I want to set a task to ‚Open‘ or ‚Closed‘. How do I do that now? Could you perhaps provide an example for the body and the URL for closing a task and for opening a task? Thanks!

You are doing everything right, you just need to use a statusId of a task status which is open or closed, this in depending on your configuration in your awork. you can get the task statuses for a project by making a call to awork API
GET [/projects/{projectId}/taskstatuses]
and then use the right statusId in the POST to changeStatuses