TaskStatus for new Project Tasks (Zapier)

Hello everyone,
in awork every client have a specific project. Now i wanted to create an automation with Zapier that if they fill our form to order something, that the zap create a new project task in their specific project.

Unfortunately „Task Status“ is a required field which only works with IDs in the same project. Is there a way, i can get a taskStatusId for „To do“? Otherwhise the Zap only works for this one project i am testing with. As soon as someone else order something, the ProjectTask cant be created because the TaskStatusId isnt permitted to be in this other project.

The TaskStatus just have to be „to do“ there is no other status i need. I also dont have any possibility to get any taskstatus IDs. I only get ProjectID or the taskstatus ID from the first tast in this project, but thats „done“.

I hope you understand my problem.