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Thanks for informing us about a bug in our API. Please copy the below template, and create a new post to provide us with the necessary details, so we can help you as fast as possible!

Add a title
[Bug]: Please provide a quick summary of the problem

What information do we need in order to help?

Please provide us with a Trace-Id of the failing request and a detailed problem description including expected behaviour.
The Trace-Id can be found in the response headers. It looks like this: Trace-Id: 2ab931e5606e3ccd.

What happened?
Please describe the issue you encountered in detail. Also, please let us know what you would expect to happen and how we can reproduce it.

What is the Trace-Id of the request?
Please provide the Trace-Id of the request so we can help you more quickly. If you don’t have one, please provide the request route + request model here, or a cURL without credentials so we can reproduce the issue.

Relevant error responses
Please copy and paste any relevant log output or error response that you received from the API. You can use the code section for this.

Please be aware that all conversations in this Community are public, therefore please do not include private/confidential information such as workspace url, API tokens or personal information such as e-mail, names, etc.