Project activity: Time calculation not correct when deleting entries

I used the API to migrate a few (800-ish) entries from a .csv file to awork. Due to a few mistakes I had to do that several times for some projects. In between, I batch deleted the time entries.

It seems the calculated time that’s shown in ‚project activity‘ doesn’t reflect that. In the posted screenshot you’ll see 95:04h, despite the sum of the entries is 47:32h. (In some projects, it’s more than twice the actual sum, because those entries were imported more than twice.)

I’m guessing the deletion of time entries does not trigger re-calculating this activity. Not sure if that should behave that way, just wanted to post this here to let you know.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-17 um 21.19.22

Hi @herzkerl, thanks for reporting this. I’ll create a bug ticket internally so we can investigate this.

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