Wrong Ending Time values by creating new time entries from harvestapp.com via make.com

Hi everyone, we are trying to migrate time entries from harvestapp.com to Awork via make.com. The data connection was successfully established and time entries can also be created with the correct start date and start time. Unfortunately, despite intensive attempts, incorrect end dates and end times are continuously output. The transfer format was defined with YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ as UTC. The Awork module shows correct values as input, but generates wrong output values with date +1 day and times -10 hours. Screenshots are attached. Does anyone here have an idea how we can fix this?
Many thanks in advance

Hi @niels.wilmers , do you have an example of where the times are wrong and a trace id of the request? The trace id should be available in the response header.

The make integration was built by make and I don’t know which values they set. You might give a custom HTTP request a try as you can influence which properties are set.

Hi @Sebastian , thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately Make doesn’t provide a trace id, or at least I couldn’t find one. But I managed to get the issue somehow fixed by replacing the ending time as parameter by duration (in seconds) from the starting date and time, which I calculate from the corresponding harvestapp value.

Nevertheless since low-code applications seem to be a growing thing with services like Zapier and Make it might be worth checking the developer informations on your side anyway.

Awesome you got it to work.

We provide a basic Zapier integration. Which information were you missing?

Hi @Sebastian, in my case this would be especially the information about the parameters and their formats required to create new time entries, i.e.

  • does startingTime require the LocalTime and/or the UTC Time
  • does endingTime require the LocalTime and/or the UTC Time
  • and which are the particular formats (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm vs. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss[Z])

For example: in the Awork API documentation I found that parameters of startingDate + startingTime and endingDate + endingTime are all required to create time entries, but the Make module only comes with fields for startingDate / startingTime / endingTime. This made me struggle how to correct the output of wrong endingDates (+1 day) because there is no such field in Make.