Project email address via api reference to automate the entry into a global address book

Hi :slight_smile:
I think your project mail addresses are great and that you can download them as a vCard.

But I would like to make them available centrally in the global contacts list, without always having to touch each project manually. This means creating projects via automation and then automatically transferring the project mail addresses to our address book, to which everyone has access.

Unfortunately, I can’t find an API reference for this. Am I too stupid or does it not exist, yet? If the latter, please add it to the wish list, it makes it much easier to use the function company-wide.

Thanks and best regards,

Hi @eike.toepfer thanks for joining the community.

You can basically generate the email address yourself: project-{project-id}

So if you iterate over all projects via the API (GET /projects) then you can create all your vCards.

I hope this helps.