Task list order in project templates changes when I use API?


I am creating a project in awork via API. I use a project template that contains a task list with the order 0. However, when I create other tasks via API using this template, this task is not displayed first even though it has the order 0 and the other task lists starts at index one.

Does anyone has an idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance

Hi @make, do you have the trace id of the API response so I can take a look at what you’re doing and what’s happening? Thanks

Hi @Sebastian,
This is the trace Id of the API call that creates the project using a project template. The Project template contains a task that should appear first:

I then make several API calls to create different tasks:

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Sebastian,

could you find out what the problem is?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @make,

in the project template, I see one task list „Projektstart“ that has order -1, which would explain why it appears before the „Projektmanagement“ list. It has been deleted though so won’t be created any more.

Then I see several task lists being created with increasing order. The task list with the name „001_1“ was created with order 1, but order 1 was already used by „000_Projektmanagement“.

I think the issue here is that the order 0 from the template is taken over as order 1, as that is the order for the first task list.

Could you try updating the project template starting with order 1? Maybe that helps solve it right away.