Missing Functions in Zapier

Although it is currently possible to create projects based on new Shopify orders, there is no option to create customers from the Shopify order in the same Zap, which is automatically assigned to the project.

Customer data = First name, second name, email, street, house nr., postcode, city, country.
1x Order = 1x Project in awork
1x Product line item = 1x Task in awork

It is also not possible to use changed project statuses as triggers to implement new actions.

We would like to map our shopify orders and GSheet requests in awork. Later it should be possible to track which customers have placed how many orders and inquiries and merge the data (in particular the ordered items and sales). The aim is to create a CRM with awork.


Hello, Dorian! How are you?

Have you tried using the API Request in Zapier? It allows you to build your own request and let Zapier handle the authentication process:

You could then use our API docs to build a custom request to do whatever custom flow you want to implement: https://openapi.awork.com/

So, in your case, if I understood correctly, you want to use the awork Company as the equivalent of the Shopify Customer. The flow could look something like this:

Trigger: order created in Shopify


  1. search customer (company) in awork (custom request). If not found, create a new one. Otherwise, use the one found
  2. create a new project using the company found in awork and the order info from Shopify
  3. create new tasks using the items from the order form Shopify

If that doesn’t work due to limitations in Zapier, you could alternatively do the following:

Trigger: customer created in Shopify
Actions: use custom request to check if company exists in awork, otherwise create it

Trigger: order created in Shopify
Actions: similar to the one above, but don’t try to create the company, since it is already created through the other Zap

Hello Vitor! I’m doing well, I hope you’re good too.

Thank you very much for your quick help.

Your solution is good, but unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to create my own API-Zapier queries.

Is there another solution with which I can realize my goal via the regular triggers/actions in Zapier?

Awork is wonderful. But without the right automation options, I unfortunately can’t use it for my startup.


I have added your suggestion to awork Feature Request backlog so we can visit this topic in the future.

Regarding using the Custom Actions, I will share a quick example with you that may help you move in the right direction if you want to try it out.

Let’s suppose you want to find if a company exists. How would I approach this?

We need a way of identifying a company in awork is the same as a user in Shopify. To do that, I would simply add the ID of the Shopify user to the name of the company. So if a user is called Vitor in shopify and his ID is abc123, I would create a company in awork as „Vitor abc123“ or something like that.

Then, I would create a custom action to find this user in awork. This is how I set up the input field:

This tells Zapier that when using this Custom Action, we need to pass a customerId (which in our case is the id from Shopify)

Then, we define the action. You can find all possible actions in our api docs. We are interested in finding a company, therefore I check on the docs for the api endpoint used to find companies.

Finally, we want to filter the companies and only find the company that matches our Shopify customer. The filtering is also documented on our API docs. We can do that by passing the following Query Parameter:


In other words, everything that we configured above is gonna make Zapier search for all companies that have a name that ends with the customer id you provide. Then you can simply use the response to ensure there is a result there (meaning there is a company created for that customer) or not (meaning you need to create one)