Webhook // Activepieces

I´m using Activepieces to connect Awork with Moco - at least I try.
I´d like to have some basic functions like:
Within Moco a project is created - then create one in Awork
Awork project is closed - create invoice in Moco

Is there a way to realize that via Webhooks, or is it to be done with another route?

Thank you!

Hi @rm1,

have you checked the Zapier or Make integrations to see if that can be achieved with those?

Hi @Sebastian,
just looked at Make and there seem to be the things I´m looking for…
Is there a way to transfer these to another platform like Activepieces? Or did you think of another route?
Thank you

Is there an integration with Activepieces from either Zapier or Make? Otherwise you would have to use their API to transfer the data.

Hi @Sebastian,
unfortunately there is no integration with Activepieces.